Laura Alvarez Architecture . Marta Roy

Europan 11. Wittstock

Laura Alvarez Architecture

Wittstock needs a physical and a social change. Helping the town recuperate economic strength and provide a social instrument to stop the loss of its population even further. That is the challenge.

We believe the right move for Wittstock lies in going back to a more concentrated space, developing concentric circles starting from the centre to regain identity and avoid degradation. Wittstock needs to pull its strength from where it has the highest potential: its city centre. Everything needs to be routed there, because the qualities and the value of the town resides in it, in its heart. The centre of Wittstock is made to
be dense and there is still room in the centre to close the gaps.
The thought behind this strategy it is that the more we can concentrate in the centre, the more life we can bring to it. Life brings rejuvenation, regeneration and dynamism. A dynamic space generates more opportunities
for businesses, culture, education and care. A bigger social cohesion arises and the potential for settlement grows.
Our proposal is to redesign the entrances, re-direct the traffic and create a new ring including the river and the park around the station. We intentionally force everything to points towards the centre, which will act
like a magnet for visitors and inhabitants alike. We bring everything in, and then we close around it. We create an attractive, upgraded, improved, intimate and alive space for Wittstock, a new stage for a successful performance.

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