joe clark

The Blue of the Distance . 2012

+ joe clark

Installed in the Koutoubia Cisterns as part of Higher Atlas at the Marrakech Biennale
The work takes the form over a slightly over-complicated stereo vision machine which uses parts of a cannibalized bicycle for its mechanical components. Two slide projectors beam an image of the Atlas mountain range- either side of a stereo pair. By cranking a handle, the viewer causes a rapid alternation between the two images which creates the kind of stereo effect which is often seen online in the form of a 2-frame GIF. This mechanism also pushes air over a bath of ice contained in the structure pairing a cooling breeze with the visual effect, which creates an overall mis-en-scene of a playful but entirely inadequate simulation of the experience of standing in a mountain range.
The Blue of the Distance / Slide projectors (pair), slides, steel, bicycle components, microcontroller, tarpaulin, ice, bucket / 2012

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