em2n . Balliana Schubert Landschaftsarchitekten

Heuried Sports Centre . new Ice Sport Hall . Zurich

em2n . Balliana Schubert Landschaftsarchitekten

Heuried Sports Centre combines a number of very different functions: open-air swimming pools and an ice sports hall, facilities used both in summer and winter, public and servant spaces.

But at the same time the complex lacks a face of its own. The large roof of the new ice sports hall will give the centre an address and a framework. Beneath it the various functions are differentiated from each other. The volume reflects the size of the spatial program, the demand for operational efficiency suggested a compact volume. But the hovering roof and the vertical tectonics of the façade still manage to lend the overall appearance a certain lightness. On the side with the ice sports hall and outdoor ice rinks the volume is relatively closed, the façade is treated sculpturally. Towards the open-air swimming pools the building becomes more spatial. It opens to the lawn by means of the terrace and generously dimensioned flights of steps. In the interior the robust nature of the structure and the surfaces is developed into a theme, the architecture is borne by the generosity of the spaces and spatial relationships. As a whole the complex consciously refers to the tradition of such public swimming facilities in Zurich.

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