European School . Strasbourg


Situated on a wooded site in the European Government Quarter of Strasbourg and adjacent to the river Ill, OMA's design for a new European School for 12,000 students proposes a "wild side" and a "formal side".

The project reflects the diversity and idiosyncrasies that make up the European identity.
A central axis defined by a four rectangular blocks contains classrooms for primary and secondary students and separates the two types of learning environments. West of the axis are five appendages for shared facilities: the canteen, library, arts and sciences, and performance spaces. These spaces are irregular and informal, strongly connected to the wooded end of the site.
East of the axis are the more formal outdoor playgrounds. The two halves of the school are intended to promote diversity through focused and interactive learning environments. On the ground floor, an "opportunistic"structural system allows the informality of the natural side to connect through to the formal spaces on the east. The flexibility and diversity of the school's spaces promotes individual and collective education, suited to future multi-cultural generations.

Rem Koolhaas

Clément Blanchet
Maria Aller Rey, Merve Anil, Marie Brosch, Eugenio Cardoso, Alicia Casals, Jon Espinosa, Marc-Achille Filhol, Anthony Joyeux, Matthew Jull, Min Hong Khor, Sang Woo King, Vincent Konate, Pierre Jean Le Maitre, Lawrence-Olivier Mahadoo, Boris Tikvarski, Stefan Witteman
Local architect:
Heintz-Kehr et associés

OTE Ingenierie, Otelio, DHV, Ecotral, Philippe Obliger
Model:Vincent de Rijk
Franz Parthesius
Arte Factory

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