Sean Scully

Wall of Light Korea . 2012

+ Sean Scully

In a career spanning over thirty years, Sean Scully has gained international prominence as one of the most admired painters in the abstract tradition. Fusing the traditions of European painting with the distinct character of American abstraction, Scully’s great achievement is the reinvigoration of abstract painting with the metaphorical, the philosophical and the sublime combined with the earthy tangibility of pure paint.
In the 1980s, Scully moved away from his precisely gridded works of the 1970s, to create a uniquely sculptural form of painting: consisting of monumental interconnecting 3D panels worked in strong earthy colours with hand-drawn lines and stripes. Subtly figurative despite their resolute abstraction, their ‘humanity of imperfection’ as Sue Hubbard described it, powerfully suggested fragility and fallibility. More recently, Scully’s Wall of Light paintings have been described as ‘visual utopias’ by David Carrier, interrelated bricks of colour betray no figurative impulse or visual hierarchy. An evocative layering of colours, suggests the inevitability of time passing, while the sheer physicality of the paintings keeps them always connected to the real.
timothy taylor gallery

Pink One . 2008

Yellow Line . 2005

Barcelona Red Mirror . 2004

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