Crossroad Offices Extension . graz


The new volume is positioned behind the existing villa with individual cut outs – "green bays" in function of the extended external park coming into the pavilion.

Inside they form divisions between internal spaces and create dynamic, light and calming atmosphere.
The actual form derives from the main logical directions on the site to the main destinations.
The new extension acts as a crossroad regulator between existing villa and approaches from the street on the south side and the underground parking on the east side.

Project team:
Rok Oman . Spela Videcnik . Janez Martincic . Andrej Gregoric . Jan Celeda . Will Gibson . Carlos Garcia . Zuzana Chupacova . Andrej Kacera . Aquilino Fernandez Lopez . Sara Barriocanal . Radek Toman . Jan Smejkal
structural engineering : Gravitas d.o.o.
mechanical, electrical & sustainable engineering : ISP d.o.o.

Main data:
Location: Leechgase , Graz, Austria
Type: office, lecture halls
Client: private
Site Area: 2160 m2
Bldg. Area: 971 m2
Gross Floor Area: 2528 m2
Gross Floor Ratio: 2,6
materials: reinforced concrete, glass and aluminium
Max. Height: 10 m
Inner space: 2112 m2

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