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amannburdenskimunkel . photos: © yohan zerdoun

The student settlement at “Seepark” provides a home for 1300 occupants and is the biggest ensemble of student housing in Freiburg.

The settlement was built in the middle of the 1960’s after a competition won by the architects Wolf Irion, Reiner Graf and Wolf Maier. The aim was to provide low priced housing for the growing number of students and thereby facilitate the access to the universities for bigger parts of the population.
The whole area is devided into five ensembles. Each of these consists of 3 buildings, two of them 3-storey, one 8-storey. By concentrating the density in the 8-storey high rise there is a very low sealing of surfaces and the area appears loosely built and leafy.

To create new living space for the constantly growing number of students in Freiburg, two new residential halls were erected in the settlement in the tradition of the excisting buildings.
The two student halls of residence are identical, merely rotated 180°. Each houses 102 students on 3800 m². There 16 shared flats, each with 4 individual rooms of 15,5 m², a shared kitchen and dining area and 2 bathrooms and 38 apartments, each 23 m² totalling 102 rooms.

The new buildings are not to stand in contrast to the existing buildings, but in their tradition. The idea was to continue building the student complex at “Seepark” by fitting in the overall spatial structure. The two new buildings quote the dimensions of the existing ensembles in their L-shaped design with an 8-storey tower and a 3-storey extension.
The facades cite the existing exposed concrete facades in material and distribution. Not only for esthetic reasons but also for constrictive considerations. The construction with precast concrete slabs was widespread in the 1960’s. The production in a factory allowed a largely weather-independent production with rapid assembly on site. For the same reasons modern precast concrete slabs were used again: short construction time, serial production with cost savings and improved execution quality were significant.
The precast wall elements, having a thickness of 50 cm, (20 cm concrete supporting-shell, 20 cm of heat insulation, 10 cm concrete shell view) with a width of 7,20 m and 2,80 m one storey high allowed the reduction of the construction time to 1 week per floor despite building during the winter period . The entire project could be completed in a period of only 10 months. Through the multi-layered, insulated construction the wall elements achieve the standards for the KFW efficiency house 55 with low transmission heat losses.

Studierendenwohnheim Sundgauallee Haus 16+Haus 38
Bauherr: Studentenwerk Freiburg
Architektur und Generalplanung: amannburdenskimunkel

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