Simon Hantaï

Étude . 1969

+ Paul Kasmin Gallery . galerie jean fournier

Motivated by Jackson Pollock’s gestural abstractions, Hantaï strove to produce a new method of painting that would redefine the role of the artist and restructure the picture plane.In the early 1960’s, he began applying paint to folded canvasses, using a systematic “pliage” or “Folding Method” that resulted in irregular patterns of bold color punctuated by strips of unprimed ground once the canvasses were unfolded and stretched. Throughout the rest of his art-making life, Hantaï devoted himself to developing new techniques that slowed down or automated the painterly gesture—an idea resonant with Surrealism, Pollock’s expressionism, or Matisse’s cut-outs.
Paul Kasmin Gallery

Meun . 1968

Tabula . 1980

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