Tomas Labanc + Ramon Bernabe Simo


Tomas Labanc . Ramón Bernabé Simó

A library should provide a dynamic: space that facilitates the interaction between people and information.

It must provide flexibility to accommodate the evolving ways in which people access and inteact with information. The new Daegu Gosen Public Library will provide a cultural meeting place in the community by providing an open, multi-media foccused facility for the public. It is the place for culture, the exchange of idea and the access of information.
Creating a new cultural hub will bean opportunity to breathe new life into the district and attract all members of the commu­nity. It will thus create a node of urban foccus in the Susenong-Gu urban fabric. The character of the building is logical and open. It generates a spatial hierarchy that allows the user to easily undersand the function and arrangement of spaces. It radiates order and calm for the community and the user.
The library will become a public citizen by collecting and foccusing the public and at the same time radiating information and ideas out into the conciousness of community. It becomes a member of society whose purpose it to serve and inspire.

International competition. Honorable mention
Tomas Labanc & Ramon Bernabe Simo
Team: Eric Marcuson, Jose Angel Remon, Minghui Chang

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