Josep Miàs

Miño-Sil Water Confederation HeadQuarters . Ourense

Josep Miàs

The proposal’s main aim is to reorganise a node where many fluxes from Ourense city come together.

At the present time, there is a sharp cut between the city, the river and the park. By changing the plot and its contours as a part of a continuous context and landmarked with important monuments and buildings in the city (Millenium Bridge, Justice Court, Roman Bridge and Health Centre).
The corporative building looks for a relationship with the bridge, as a final milestone for the walk side along the river and the city. Because of this, there is a clear fragmentation of the volumetry which helps to understand these two relationships, one with the city and the other with the urban infrastructure to which it belongs.
The building is willing to be perceived from its verticality, that is why all the façade elements emphasize this tendency.
With this project, there is a strong commitment to use the area as a public space while creating a territorial milestone, being part of the new façade of Ourense’s entrance to the centre

Project team
Architect: Josep Miàs
Collaborators: Silvia Brandi (project leader), Adriana Porta, Cristina Güemes, Diego Pastoriza, Xavier Bas, Federico Licini

Technical Advisor: Carles Bou

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