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Traditional Libraries, as we know them, are physical spaces created by humans to collect and protect books for educating communities.

The books are a collection of words containing knowledge and documenting moments within history. Nearly everything that humans have learned and experienced since the inception of papyrus has been transferred to following generations through written communication. As the world continues to evolve, so does the manner in which we learn and teach. A new reality is now in place for libraries during the era of a telecommunication revolution. A library is no longer the main source for vast knowledge resources. People have instant access to information nearly anywhere, by using a plethora of sophisticated devices. 
With extensive amounts of information, that could historically only be accessed in and from a library, being readily available to nearly anyone, the role of a library is also evolving. The new Daegu Library will be at the forefront of this evolution, with our proposed design and lifestyle approach. Instead of libraries being generically thought of as a dusty place where books come to age and be seldom used, this library will be a place where people come to live and vast knowledge resources are more than stereo-typical encyclopedias. 
The proposed library will be a place where social interaction is the essence of existence. Transference of knowledge will certainly come from books, however, it will also come from computers and the internet, but most importantly, it will come from oration and people sharing with and learning from others. Every user of the space could have an opportunity to share their knowledge, if desired, through multi-media means for individuals with interest in learning about a presented topic; thereby each library patron would be offered an opportunity to exchange knowledge and be an integral part of revolutionizing libraries.

Architects: STL Architects
Location:  Daegu, South Korea
Team:  Jose Luis de la Fuente, Luis Collado, Jose Luis Perez-Griffo, Ruben Cabanillas, Marta Bueno, Eduardo Ponce
Program:  Public Library
Floor Area:  4,290m2

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