Jana Euler

Identity forming processes overpointed . 2012

+ REAL FINE ARTS . dépendance

Jana Euler’s (b. 1982) work addresses interpersonal relationships in codified environments and suggests that people’s daily lives get stuck in the vortex of networked society, not accomplishing any actual exchange. > To paraphrase the title of a series of Euler’s paintings: in the postmodern world, emotions are transforming their own bodies. Notwithstanding the gloomy scenario, Euler’s art is hilarious, exhilarating, satirical. It boasts a sort of hippy cipher hidden in the ruins of the cyber-punk aesthetic: be happy with your body, be happy to be young, be happy to be human.
(Michele D’Aurizio)

Omnipresent Instincts Overpainted .2012

NYT (Interior2) . 2012

From a man without qualities to men with a mission ..., 2012

The emotions discuss in the postmodern side-room about the transformation of their bodies 2

the B-motions undeliberatly sending out a strong message 2" . 2011

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