Christ & Gantenbein

Lookout Point . Cerro del Obispo

Christ & Gantenbein . photos: © Iwan Baan . + archdaily

The fascinating thing about this project for us is its almost archaic character: an architectural object that has the only purpose to mark a special spot in the landscape and to give people a different, a new view on their surroundings – a noble and challenging task!

The pilgrims’ column sets a mark that is visible from afar for those approaching the location. It also creates an exciting, almost transcendental space for those that have already reached it. The simple yet striking room inside the column, shaped by the contorted wall, is nothing more than the view to the sky, manifested in architecture. It is an example of architecture without any symbolism and iconographic intentions.

Design Team: Andrea Sauter, Anette Schick, Jennifer Schmachtenberg, Kai Timmermann

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