andrea pelati architecte

Villa Clottu . Cornaux

andrea pelati architecte . photos: © Thomas Jantscher

Lined by an old stone wall and the vineyards, the parcel overhangs slightly the Cornaux village.

This environment draws the outline of the house. The entrances are emphasized by beveled facets hollow out of the monolith.
Organized around a central kernel, embodied by the open kitchen, the day zones turn towards the wide frames on selected views. The dining space is directly related to the terrace and opens on the neighbor’s field whereas, from the living room, the eyes are drawn to the horizon with a view over the roofs of the old town.
On the ground floor, the bedrooms are given more intimacy and benefit from a direct access to the garden.

Villa Clottu, Cornaux NE
Chemin des Rochettes, 2087 Cornaux
880 m3
project area
219 m²
Famille Clottu

andrea pelati architecte

project team
Andrea Pelati
Raphaël Fromaigeat
Anna Popek-Schmalstieg
Sandy Erlebach

project consultants
GVH SA – civil engineers
Thomas Jantscher
Two-storey family house.
Ground floor  : bedrooms, cellar, equipment room.
Upper floor  : living room, dining zone, kitchen and office.

Construction / materials
Reinforced concrete structure / apparent concrete inner walls / exterior insulation / painted concrete screed florring

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