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Iceberg dwellings . Aarhus

seARCH . CEBRA . JDS + louis paillard . photos: © Julien de Smedt . Mikkel Frost . + domus

The Aarhus Harbour development provides a huge opportunity for Denmark’s second largest city to develop in a socially sustainable way by renovating its old, out-of-use container terminal.

The area is meant to become a living city quarter, comprised of a multitude of cultural and social activities, a generous amount of workplaces, and of course, a highly mixed and diverse array of housing types. The Iceberg Project seeks to locate itself within the goals of the overall city development. A third of the project’s 200 apartments will be set aside as affordable rental housing, aimed at integrating a diverse social profile into the new neighborhood development. The project’s main obstacle is the density set up for the development, the desired square meters are in conflict with the specified site height restrictions and the overall intentions of providing ocean views along with good daylight conditions. The Iceberg negotiates this problematic, by remaining far below the maximum heights at points and emerging above the dotted line at other moments. “Peaks” and “canyons” form; eliciting the project’s iconic strength while ensuring that all flats will be supplied with a generous amount of natural lighting and waterfront views.

TEAM JDS, CEBRA, SeArch, Louis Paillard
JDS PARTNER IN CHARGE Andrew Griffin, Henning Stuben, Julien De SmedtPROJECT LEADER Edna Luddecke, Kristoffer Harling, Heechan Park, Andy Vann
Michaela Weisskirchner, Sandra Fleischmann, Alexandros Geroussis, Carlos Cabrera, Felix Luong, Ruxandra Stroe, Reid Leslie

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