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MFH Lohn-Ammannsegg . Lohn-Ammannsegg

phalt architekten . Photos: © Dominique Wehrli -outside- . © Joel Tettamanti -inside- . archdaily

In the rural community of Lohn-Ammannsegg, an apartment building with six residential units and a separate office has been incorporated into a heterogeneous developmentstructure.

The position and design of the new building was a result of creating themaximum possible distances to the surrounding development and an optimum alignmentwithin the residential zone on a gentle slope with an appealing view. The cube-shapedbuilding structure consists of two offset building sections with a shared entrance areaas a common denominator.
The offset alignment of the buildings and the protrusionsand recesses of the different storeys, serve to loosen up the structure of the buildingvolume. As a result, the building not only has a differentiated appearance but also ascale that is appropriate to the surroundings despite the high level of utilisation. Thetextured outer façade on all sides with its unobtrusive colour gives the building ist own identity within the location – and provides the residents with individual livingunits, each with a panoramic view. In the outside area, the concept of differentiationhas been taken up once again and a composition with different residential qualitieshas been created.

Project Team: Cornelia Mattiello, Frank Schneider, Mike Mattiello, Annette Reichlin, Susanne Frank, Susanne Büchi, Matthias Knuser
Year: 2011

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