Medina . Castaneda . Gonzalez . Kuri, Levian



Trying to escape the restrictions of an architectonic language in our proposal and reflecting on the revisiting of the original competition we refer to some ideas of Jaques Derrida: “Each element functions and takes on or conveys meaning only by referring to another past of future element in an economy of traces.

The flow from one void to the other, delineated through text and space, thus becomes this economy of traces through which the meaning of the retrospective is reconstructed.” This project is about relations and juxtapositions between different scales and layers, private and public space, family and social space, cultural and useful space, leisure and work space. Our concern is not so much the built space, it is the negative space, the interstitions that happen on different levels, where social interactions will happen. Using Hong Kong’s irregular urban grid as an inspiration in our proposal, the program is spread on different levels and throughout the whole site. The horizontal programatic bars are connected by sloping volumes that house some of the club and leisure elements.

PEAK COMPETITION Honourable Mention

Author Medina, Alfonso C, United States
Coauthors Castaneda, Alina , Mexico
Gonzalez, Oscar , Mexico
Kuri, Mauricio , Mexico
Levian, Alexandra , United States

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