solo house . Matarraña

MOS . + solo houses

Located amongst a grove of olive trees, this house is an aggregation of 4 identical T shaped volumes.

A fifth volume is subtracted from the ground to produce the pool. There is a casual informality to the overall collection of rooms. The house is not based upon an absolute idealized geometry.
A kind of slapstick humor is provided by the 4th T volume, which is a T on its side, as if its fallen over- presenting the architecture as a ruin within the landscape. The rough concrete materiality also reinforces this tactile weight to the entire house, and provides an abstract tectonic scalelessness.
The interior of the house looks outwards into the landscape and provides a series of informal views of a variety of intimate spaces within the grove of olive trees, while the roof garden provides an expansive view of the mountains.

Poligono 13, parcela N°238, Cretas, Matarraña, España
Michael Meredith & Hilary Sample — MOS
Arquitectos Asociados
Gonzalo Urbizu, Alberto Haering
M. Gottsch, W.Macfarlane, Z.Seibold, M.Staudt

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