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Gosan Park Library . Daegu

Dellekamp Arquitectos

Daegu-Gosan Park Library proposes a progressively ascending spiral that both creates a collaborative learning environment and dynamically merges with the life unfolding in the surrounding city park. The book-stacks wrapping the outer wall of the four-story spiral ramp facilitate browsing its walk of shared continuous knowledge.

The ground floor glass-skin visually welcomes the park into its interior atmosphere and promotes the library’s engagement with community activities. Private and public spaces smoothly conjoin; the park visually running unhindered beneath the library.
The scale of the building achieves a pedestrian friendly character, and its axial ratio modulates to the building fronts across the street. The spiral structure designed around a dome, brings light inside the building and forwards the interplay of the different areas in the program and articulates the four stories of the building towards a XXI century evolved ethos of relaxed self-initiated learning.
We believe that to guarantee that this library becomes a major city and neighborhood destination it must become a continuation of the existing park and community activities, to fully revitalize the Daegu-Gosan area.
The ascending ramp articulates as a series of platforms with universal access. The furnishing elements along the gradually ascending platforms and ramps prompt various study-work experiences around different programmatic clusters. It’s Culture and Life-long Learning Area, located at ground level, has an independent access suitable for conferences, screenings, workshops, shopping, lounging, all past library hours.
The Children Book Section, on the third floor, enjoys a roof garden which permits children to interact freely without noise considerations. The Preservation Room is in the basement and the Offices are distributed on the top and bottom floors to enhance performance.
This Continuum Library preserves the maximum park area to promote an attractive cultural hub and hang-out center in the city. The two pancoupe corners in the library respond in one case to the elongated park where the entrance is created and in the other side to face the church as well as to contextualy eco the various pancoupe buildings in the area.
The building is designed under sustainable, bioclimatic standards and the wooden plank façade organically integrates its raising structure to the park creating a harmonious relationship between knowledge, community and nature.

Architects: Dellekamp Arquitectos | Derek Dellekamp
Project Leader: Jachen Schleich
Team: Luis Morales, Jorge Escobedo, Cristian Jorge Ramírez, Pavel Rentería, Valentina Sánchez, Jérémie Dagaud, Antoine Calcagno, José Cherem Serur, Gustavo Hernández.

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