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The project is located in an urban controlled BIA “Landy-Pleyel.” It enjoys an exceptional location with unobstructed views: west side of the park, east side of the tracks, south on Academy Fratellini.

Our project is part of a current vision of contemporary city, with two strong aspirations: the implementation of a modern environment and the quality of life of a functional taking into account the requirements of sustainable development.
The building has a function “tarchives-premises” it is the heart and memory of the network media libraries Plaine Commune. We designed it like physical memory: a “hard drive”, its architecture is thaught as contemporary and ambitious. It’s goal is to be an icon, a signal in the city.

The starting point of our discussion focuses on the importance of the functionality of the program to interact with the architecture of the BIA, as well as users and visitors.
Echoing the atypical and fun atmosphere offered by the occupants of the Academy Fratellini (respect for environment, wooden building, the desire to preserve and create an ecosystem ….), we designed an intervention respectful and simple.
This induces the expression of contemporary architecture, dynamic and unifying for the neighborhood. The building is massive in order inertia and saving the project while having a significant environmental writing (wooden facades).

The project, by its height of three levels, is visible from all the surrounding buildings. It must be visually appealing and should add value to the neighborhood. A neat graphic work will be done on signage within the building, its facade and its access. The orange color is available in plain common reference.
Ground floor, is the hall which gives direct access to all functions of the program through a vertical circulation core of efficient and compact. At this level, to organize the logistics areas, locker rooms, garage bookmobile and shuttles. There is also the reception area / tri + waste disposal direct connection with the technical area and the local waste while maintaining a privileged position with the buffer space and collective reserves lie in first level.
Second level, spaces are coiled and management training for which we wanted unobstructed views and a good amount of natural light. Management and administration and lie between offices and training space. A central patio provides outstanding image of a “cloister”, the patio lights and parts breakdown naturally, it is above all the creation of a place of sociability and encounters. This device combines strong environmental concerns closely to the improved quality of workspaces and life.

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