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Yi Duo House

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“Yi Duo House” was exhibited in the “Moving Residence Unit” at the 2012 “Get it Louder”

This unit mainly expresses its concern for questions, such as “whether the
house can be built without relying on land resources”, “how people enjoy the natural
resources equally in the future”.
“Yi Duo House” consists of one or more basic units. The size of a basic unit is the
minimum space for one single person to sit or lie. The basic unit can be constructed for
such different functions as storage, sitting and lying, desk, kitchen, bath, turf, ect. It has
a simple and fast-installation component. Therefore, one can easily assemble his or her
own “Yi Duo House” according to any unique requirement.
The designer gives the house one variable, and the house returns multiple spaces to
the users accordingly.
Our “Yi Duo House” on exhibition has four basic units. It is made of tricycle, square
wood and milk white PC sheet.

Designers: Haifei Dai, Di Huang, Qianlan Shi, Yingyuan Zhang, Dongping Sun

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