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Living the fence . Muhura

homu architects

The project is located in Muhura on the hill’s ridge line following the church, the school and the hospital.

The new centrality should be able to establish a new site for the idea of community. The pro­gram conceives essential services as stationery, pharmacy, bread oven, polyvalent room, with the special cathartic power of a rela­tional space where exchange of experiences is allowed and advo­cated. For the fact of being in a vast territory of an endless succes­sion of green hills, it is important to define a space, to circumscribe a place that brings back a human scale and that people can grab, reaching a sense of domesticity and everyday life.

Living the fence
January ‘11
location: Muhura, Rwanda
Proposal for a mixed program building
client: Private
program: community’s centre
design team: Filippo Nanni, Lucia Zamponi

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