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San Francesco belvedere . Fermo

homu architects

The strategy for the site wants to define a new vocation for Piazza Dante, a hinge area with an high urban potential, where the city center is tangent to the SP 239.

It’s the city’s gate, leading to the historical centre, located in an area where medieval fabric meets modern extension. This is the opportunity to work in a city where the circuit of ancient walls is still visible. The new belvedere is more than a building, being able to sew up the square with the environment, acting at various levels. On the back of the building cars could access the underground parking while a ramp, originat­ing from the square, drives users to the terrace that opens on the east to the sea, on the west towards San Francesco’s facade.
The project aims to create a dynamic urban polyvalent space able to accelerate flows and urban dynamics. It is conceived as an hybrid space, affecting the traditional sense of social space. The rooms are designed in a logic of flexibility and inter-changeability so that could be possible to rent some of them or adapt some parts to different uses. It’s guaranteed a strong visibility from the road but only half of the site is built to open the space in front of the church.

San Francesco belvedere
September ‘09
location: Fermo, Italy
Proposal for a mix program building
client: Private
program: office and retail
design team: Lucia Zamponi, Filippo Nanni

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