Camenzind Evolution

K.I.S.S. Apartment building . Zurich

Camenzind Evolution . photos: © Peter Würmli . + contemporist

The aim was to develop flats which would go beyond the functionality and offer an ideal added value as well as have their own identity.

This approach responds to the increasing need of individuality and plurality in our current society. Therefore the development of KISS’s design put the future tenant and his personal lifestyle at the centre of its thinking.
However, the prerequisite for this was an intensive market research study of the area, its infrastructure, its typical employers and their income class. This knowledge, together with the Sinus-Milieu Model, helped gathering potential customers of similar lifestyles and perceptions into three specific target groups. The result was a bold concept of individual maisonettes with striking interior designs. The tenant is given the choice between three exemplary apartment types offering individual experiences. This creates a whole new living concept enabling the choice between apartments based on identical layouts but with their own character, carrying names such as CLASSIC, INDUSTRIAL and FUNKY.

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