Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu (SO – IL)

tiNY . adAPT NYC micro-units housing . New York

Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu (SO – IL)

adAPT NYC is a pilot program that was launched in July 2012 through a Request for Proposals to develop a new model of housing – micro-units. tiNY is the first sustainable economic model for affordability.

tiNY Housing does not rely on HPD Subsidy.
We propose a text change amendment that offers a path toward a CPC Authorization for relief from height and setback regulations for projects that achieve Micro-unit density, conform to Quality Housing regulations, and don’t adversely impact neighboring properties, making tiNY Housing adaptable for a variety of site typologies.
tiNY Housing at 335 East 27th Street delivers identical 236 SF homes in a single-loaded corridor tower. The approach affords a unique building identity and an opportunity to make small homes desirable.
tiNY Housing proposes limiting the developer return and redirecting free market demand to subsidize increasingly affordable homes. Ground floor bike parking, community room, convenience kiosk, and full time super with cellar level storage lockers, laundry and short term office space support 96 homes on floors 2-17 with accessible green roof above.
Ample southern exposure and cross ventilated homes in a highly sealed and insulated tower establishes a building that will be LEED Platinum, achieve over 90 Green Community Points and exceed Passive House Standards when measured per occupant.

Alloy, CAMBA, and SO — IL share a proven track record of executing quality, meaningful development in complex contexts.
96 homes
7% limited developer return
20% @50% AMI
30% @maximum 100% AMI
94 green communites points
$0 hpd subsidy

Client: HPD
Location: New York, USA
Program: Housing, Offices, Commercial
Area: 20,000 m²
Status: Competition 2012
Team: Ted Baab, Thilde Bjørkskov, Alicia Hergenroeder, Richard Duff, Ivan Kostic

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