FLEXO Arquitectura

Cala d'Or . Majorca

FLEXO Arquitectura . fotos: © José Hevia

This house is situated in a coastal area and occupies a 1.000 m2 plot with a steep sloping from the road to the nice views, which do not match the best solar orientation.

The house is situated at the top of the site, next to the access, freeing up a garden area open to the sea views. A compact volume pierced by four specialized—terrace, drying area, playground and garden—patios that provide cross ventilation, and optimal sun exposure and natural lighting which makes the best use of the slope to locate a basement floor with a living area, a kitchen, and a series of rooms that make up the “summer house” linked to the pool, while the first and second floors conform the “winter house”, both of them connected by two staircases.
In the summer house, the living room is configured as a large outdoor room under cover,protected from the sun and exposed to the sea breeze. In the winter house, a large bay balcony in the entrance level allows far views over the harbour, while the other rooms open to patios,avoiding the direct views to the neighbours.
A simple construction system is used, consisting of ceramic bearing walls, steel pillars and concrete slab floors and traditional local materials such as plaster on the façade painted white,favoring the reflection of light in the patios, and the bamboo on the porch of the bay balcony,easily replaceable and locally manufactured.

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