Hospital . Amarante

ACXT . photos: © FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura

The Hospital of Amarante is located on a plot of land of mild relief. Its program combines the uses of an outpatients’ department with those of an emergency department.

Each one has its own access. The outpatient clinic, to the north, is on the ground floor; the emergency ward, to the west, is on floor -1.
The building, four storeys high, is shaped like a rectangle, formed by a grid of independent volumes, interconnected by a longitudinal axis. The interstitial spaces between the volumes create two types of patios: closed on the inside and open to the outside.

Architect In Charge: David Coutinho Correia
Design Team: Inês Coelho, Francisca Bastos, Marcelo Dantas, Francisco Eloy, Jorge Paquete
Year: 2012

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