Ferruz . Casado

Hidden Cathedral . Sao Paolo

design team: Paula Ferruz González, Javier Casado Rufas . PFC . Universidad Europea de Madrid . teachers: Cristina Díaz Moreno y Efrén García Grinda . + is arch

It is built a S. XXI cathedral "passed through" Brasil, stand of rites and ceremonies with which nowadays is made a tribute to beauty & body, changing the use of a space generally liturgical, to make a place to worship body and beauty.

Where the ornament is the geometry itself and the material used, without any adornment, and the external image or fagade is the scenery that shapes a
public space of urban life celebration. In this cathedral, is has been substituted the stone by steel, the masonry by tesseration, the superposition by assembly, the section and the matter by the optimization and slendemess, and the stone compression by the combination of steel on traction and concrete on compression. In the cathedral of the XXI century there are opened and closed spaces, yards, vegetation, different atmospheres and temperatures, water and beach. The cathedral of the XXI century is buried and hidden, is used its inside and outside, its top and bottom parts. Its inside is a cave drilled with holes through which the light enters, and chimneys through which it respires. It is a space closed in it and devoted to the interior. Its exterior is a public space that supports activities and appears as a collection of mounds or elevations that generates a tumulus landscape.

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