Nuria Blanco Puente

Art and Landscape Laboratory inside Alpedrete Quarries . Madrid

Nuria Blanco Puente . Universidad Camilo José Cela . Tutora: Marta Pastor Estébanez . + archiprix

Is it possible to create a space capable of supporting the art of creating?

Artistic activity is a game where the forms, patterns and functions evolve according to the times and social contexts and it has no immutable essence.
Nicolas Bourriaud.

The project proposes a support suitable that absorbs the variability in time and space of creative activities, starting from a system of horizontal platforms related to the geological layers of the place and the transition between the natural environment and the wounded landscape.
Platforms zones sewn through an interior ramp which run along the large internal void, serves as learning axis, providing viewing angles and a multiplicity of activities.
This creative cluster revitalizes the current quarries state of abandonment, as well as the secondary existing infrastructure which is in a state of decay. It is conceived as an international connection with the main institutions of the art world as a creative retreat.

The structural model consists of four sculptural vertical/oblique prefabricated cores, containers of all communications services, which are post-tensioned by a series of lightweight prefabricated radial horizontal fragments.
The selective organization of the interior fittings and the incorporation of solar and thermal energy pickers-storing capsules, allows full energy self-sufficiency, which along with the rainwater storage makes the total water consumption reduced by 40%.
The shell fabric’s flexible nature and easy assembly-disassembly, with its interior adaptability, abstraction and mimicry, allows the user to interact in time and the program that formulates the art of creating.

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