Robles . Vermylen

HERmITAGE IV | moving north . POST CAPITALIST CITY competition

design team: Bernardo Robles Hidalgo, Aurore Vermylen . + Collage Competitions

The evolving post-capitalist modes of production and consumption have inherited a psychological and physical terrain marked by the preceding capitalist order.

Moving forward – and moving north – we argue that the post-capitalist path ought to capitalize on this terrain, and profit from the precedent.
The capitalist plundering of natural resources has devastated the environment, irreversibly changed the climate, and altered lifestyles; and many nations are scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to natural resources. But all is not lost. There is one region where we can turn this tragedy into a triumph: just look north!
The Arctic is a veritable treasure trove of natural resources. But the seemingly inhospitable and previously insurmountable ice cover made it near impossible for alien stakeholders to access. The Arctic is however heating up faster than any other region in the world, and the ice cover is dramatically – and conveniently – diminishing. Consequently, the resources are made more accessible, and new seaways are opening, linking The Arctic with the rest of the world.
Heritage IV offers a post-capitalist overture: reconciling the changing environmental terrain with contemporary ecological, cultural, commercial, militaristic, and political agendas, while catering to the local Inuit population.
Heritage IV is just the tip of the iceberg.

2nd Prize

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