James Grayley Architects

River Frome House . Dorchester

James Grayley Architects

A new-build family home on the banks of the River Frome

The house is born of the landscape within which it sits. Sited on the bank of the River Frome in Dorset it is conceived as a sedimentary form extruded from the ground in the same manner as the surrounding hills.
The house is made predominantly from an in-situ concrete which has a softened surface brought about by the use of an Ashlar Stone aggregate produced on site using reclaimed stone from the riverbed. The concrete is poured in single storey heights with the aggregate content varied between pours to reveal the ground conditions and strata from which it is made. The house provides a permanent home for two artists and their families and is currently being developed towards construction.

Design Competition 2013 - Winner

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