Camille . Muriel

Beirut, city lab: Grand Beirut as an "urban shape"

design team: Derippe Camille . Salame Muriel | ENSAV . + isarch

Mysterious on several aspects, Beirut always hides a sweet feeling of misunderstanding. Roaming across the lily reveals a multi-disciplinary trend of architecture and urban planning.

The Lebanese prosperity has been built through ages with coexistence, juxtaposition and ar­ticulation of many external influences.
Even if foreign influencies have participated to shape the Beirut's image over the years, we regret nowadays that phenomenon comes with a loss of Beirut own identity.
The scheme proposes a same style all over the world, making a kind of frozen Architecture. Our attention takes here a critical vision on the politic of reconstruction of Beirut. The Method is based on a work device to make known and deepen the own quality of the city. The "Urban Chaos" and the "Urban Messines" let beirut live. It reveals beauty and potentiality of this place.
Our project strives lo a theoretical reflection on the way to re-plan a capital after having known a destructive war.
Reveal and heighten the specific qualities of the sinews of the urban interventions.
The purpose was to determine strategic areas of the "Large City" via urban and architecture experiments.
Bring into focus the "City body" pin point its desires and build up pleasure to let the Individual circulate and express himself within the city.

We are not in progress to find right solulions, but definitely to put strategic areas to good use through urban experiment opposing to the actual urban politic. The process involves creating an interest in a classical analogy between Body and City. Then we propose to conceive the urban space blending desires and intuitions.
Focusing on desire and Insight to build the "Large Beirut" space, those words communicated around Imaginary senses, motivate the project.
A diagnosis of the "body health" has been done to draw up the shape of the sensitive areas.
Each area refers to an issue. Read ihe "City Body" and re-discover it from seduction, desire and senses to "erogenise" all the body. Erogenous areas are stimulating to get the full sensation.

Three projects for three desires based on the city personality; considering a Museum Highway into the Down Town (being aware of the "City Body"), a Desire Labortatory with an esaily disassembled and reassembled structure (Expose and research of the City Desires), and a Moving Village (producing city form sea to mountain depending on the moment of desire).

The "Large Beirut" is at the same time ground and brain. Crossing from one representation to the other allows an urban plan based on the deep personality of it.
It's what we named "erogenise the Large Beirut".

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