Geoffrey Farmer

The Surgeon and the Photographer . 2009–13

photos: © Jane Hobson . + Barbican Art Gallery

Developed over a three-year period, Geoffrey Farmer’s The Surgeon and the Photographer, the work consists of hundreds of puppet-like figures, composed of images cut from old books and magazines mounted onto fabric forms, and is accompanied by a new film commission. His work blends the collage and assemblage traditions of Hannah Höch and Robert Rauschenberg, the element of chance employed by John Cage and Merce Cunningham, and an animist perspective from Pacific Northwest Coast cultures.
Barbican Art Gallery
March 26 2013 – July 28 2013

Image Credits:
Geoffrey Farmer,  The Surgeon and the Photographer,  2009–13 (detail). Paper, textile,  wood and metal. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery.
Purchased with funds from the Jean MacMillan Southam Major Art Purchase Fund, Phil  Lind, Vancouver Art Gallery Acquisition Fund, Canada Council for the Arts Acquisitions  Assistance Program  and the Michael O’Brian Family Foundation. Photo: Jane Hobson

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