Anri Sala

Untitled (Mexico / Surinamische Aale) . 2014

+ Hauser & Wirth

In the series of drawings, 'Untitled (map/species)' reworks maps of countries and geopolitical territories through manual manipulation, skewing and warping representations of land mass so that they fit within the boundaries of the found etchings of biological species with which they are exhibited. As the frame helped classify and simultaneously seek to constrain their subjects in etchings of the XVIII century, the margins of Sala's map/species series restrict the geographical representations that they house. Hung within the space of 'The Present Moment (in B-flat)', these works highlight the predisposition of the latter to coexist alongside other works, whilst remaining independent of any communality besides being together then and there.
Hauser & Wirth

Untitled (Ginnonoto, Carapo / Chile, Italy) . 2014

Untitled (Norway / Aesping Schlangen) . 2014

Untitled (Italy / Langschnablichter Surinam. Aal) . 2014

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