BCHO architects

Sugokri Community Center . Gyeonggi-do

bcho architects . photos: © Wooseop Hwang . + architizer

This center forms a versatile space where members of the Sugok-ri community can come together for large social gatherings. It is a single lofted space which steps up the hillside and turns to create a large exterior deck area. There are four skylights which allow the center to be used without artificial light in the daytime and used as glowing lamps in the evening. The community can share the facilities, or allow their guests to rest in the loft space. The finishes in the building are meant to keep the space as clean and monolithic as possible. The concrete form emerges from the steep hill of the site welcoming the community members and their guests.

Byoung Soo Cho/ Design Architect
Donghyun Ko/ Project Architect
Sara Kim, Sunyoung Choi, Nick Locke
Kyu Young Kim, Min Hee Sue, Heejeoung Yoon

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