Joseph Beuys

Sled . 1969

+ Mitchell-Innes & Nash

The multiples carry a special significance in Beuys’s oeuvre; he once said: “If you have all my multiples, then you have me completely.” Connected to his ambition to affect social change through art, the multiples allowed Beuys an avenue to disseminate his ideas at greater range. Each multiple in the collection encapsulates a specific moment, performance or idea in Beuys’s practice, and are laden with symbolic meaning. Capri Battery, for instance, is one of the last multiples Beuys created and connects a natural object (the lemon) with a pinnacle of human innovation (the light bulb), signifying ecological balance between man and nature.
Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Felt Suit . 1970

Telephon S-------E . 1974

Art = Capital . 1980

Capri Battery . 1985

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