Erwin Olaf

Keyhole 3 . 2011

+ Hasted Kraeutler

Now a prominent name, Erwin Olaf has gained global recognition designing the Dutch side of the Euro coin in 2013, and winning the 2011 Johannes Vermeer Award, among other accolades. Known for stunningly stylized work throughout which a provocative tension reigns, Olaf employs high polish to both perverse and eerily seductive effect. A compelling frisson is generated in the space between his superficially sleek surfaces and the depth of emotion they convey; between their expressive power and their formal silence. Every work Olaf produces is characterized by an almost overpowering energy of potential and poise, hovering in a place where all action is merely suggested or insinuated.
Hasted Kraeutler

Caroline . 2007

The Hairdresser’s . 2004

04 Erwin Olaf . Keyhole 6 . 2012

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