Siza . Souto de Moura

Serpentine Pavilion . London

© 2005 James Winspear/VIEW

Alvaro Siza . Eduardo Souto de Moura . photos: © 2005 Sylvain Deleu . + Serpentine Gallery

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2005 was designed by Álvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura
with Cecil Balmond - Arup.

© 2005 Sally Tallant

In designing the Pavilion, Siza sought to 'guarantee that the new building - while presenting a totally different architecture - established a "dialogue" with the neoclassical house'. The result was a structure that mirrored the domestic scale of the Serpentine and articulated the landscape between the two buildings. The Pavilion was based on a simple rectangular grid, which was distorted to create a dynamic curvaceous form. It comprised interlocking timber beams, a material that accentuated the relationship between the Pavilion and surrounding Park.

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