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Expo 2010 Sauna Kyly . Shanghai

Avanto Architects 

JKMM Architects invited us to design the sauna department in Finnish pavilion in expo 2010 using Kyly concept. The sauna is built by simply laying logs over each other, resulting in an intimate composition of several spaces. The structure of the logs is hollow to keep the sauna as lightweight as possible and still keeping the feel of the timber. The air pocket inside each log works as insulation. Moreover the structure is easy to dismantle and to put up again for future use.
The sequence of spaces starts by stepping into a dimly lit, wooden sauna lounge from the ballyhoo of the surroundings. You undress in an enclosed dressing room. A shower space is set one step further. The most intimate space is uppermost - the sauna. A rich composition of spaces is created with very simple means. The smell, texture and acoustic properties of wood create a strong atmosphere - a calm wooden nest. Kyly is a modern interpretation of a traditional log sauna. It represents both the timeless qualities and the contemporary concept of wellbeing. 

Project name . Expo 2010 Sauna Kyly
Location . Shanghai, China
Design and construction . 2010
Gross floor area . 73 m2
Client . Finpro
Consultant of construction . Kari Virtanen, cabinetmaker

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21 de julio de 2011, 17:04 Daniel González López dijo...

Un interesante proyecto, sencillo pero muy atractivo diseño.
Un saludo¡

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