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Shounan House . Kanagawa

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The site is located at an intersection in the Kanagawa prefecture, west of Tokyo. It is a 10-minute walk from the station in an area with many older housing buildings. Across the street on the north side, there is an enormous factory behind a two story wood construction apartment. On the south side there is a three-story housing complex and  on the west side there is an old abandoned house. This project is larger than the surrounding building because there is no gift tax due to the reconstruction of an existing building.

The project is designed for two generations of a family. The younger generation consists of a couple with two children and the elder generation is a couple. The house should be designed to keep separation between the two generations and a three car parking spot is required.

The Project
This environment is known to be warm throughout the year with the summer being hot and humid for several months. The project starts off with the intention of solving the environmental issue.

The first floor plan is designed to make the most of the space left after placing three car parking spots and a garden. We extruded the floor plan vertically and inclined the wall on the site border. The first floor ceiling height is the minimum possible in section with the remainder for the second floor space.

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22 de julio de 2011, 10:28 Daniel González López dijo...

Riquísimo espacio interior el de esta vivienda. Imagen exterior sorprendente.
Unos dueños alegres y encantados con su vivienda como puede verse en las fotografías del reportaje.
¿Qué más puede pedírsele a un buen proyecto de arquitectura?
Un saludo¡

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