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AAVP architects . photos: © Olivier Helbert

To realise a qualitative architecture with simple materials, to respect the economy of a project like a constraining reality by giving the building a character of clearly public equipment …

those are the principles which have ordered and guided the evolution of the project’s concept. The new building is situated in an area that has already been marked by several constructive periods. The volumetry of the school complex’s extension reinterprets the typology of the ‘longère’ (= a building style typical for several French regions), but still respecting the lawful and patrimonial limits.
The architecture of the school isn’t binding; rather it composes a unit with the existing buildings that makes the area a consistent element again. It offers in an external, classic reconsidered envelope (dominant pinions, projecting window-frameworks, slopes and colorful floorings, …) containing generous and luminous interior spaces. The architectural treatment was borrowed from traditional materials found in the area itself, but reconsidered in a contemporary geometry: covering in flat tiling, facades in fine scraped coating, exterior framework in light gray enamelled steel, basis coated in rough cement.
photography: Olivier Helbert
Type: équipement
State: réalisé
Year: 2006
City: heilles 60,
Client: commune de Heilles + semoise (amo)
Area: 250 m²
Budget: 292 K€

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