City Life . Homeruskwartier


City Life is a proposal for a building located in Homeruskwartier, Almere. This high density area is being developed only with private investors through the CPO (collective of private clients) principle.

Our building contains 7 apartments and a commercial space. The entrances to the houses and parking garage are situated on ground floor level. The apartments are lofts with floor plans that are subdivided, into different living areas, by strategically placed volumes. There are 3 fixed elements in the floor plans; stairs, elevator and shafts. The layout of the apartments is adaptable around these elements, to the taste and wishes of the client. This results in a dynamic building with a high variety of living experiences and representations. This aspect is being magnified by the different floor heights. Personal wishes of the clients can further be expressed in choice of materials and dimensions / placement of façade openings. The coherence of the building is ensured by using a second outer skin of semi-transparent panels which can be opened. The result is a congruent, enjoyable and sustainable building.

location: Almere, the Netherlands
status: pitch proposal 2010
site: 220m2, total built-up area 1.200m2
program: housing and commercial
client: n/a
budget: n/a
team: Simon de Jong, Ljubo Georgiev

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