ksg architekten . Atelier Loidl

Fachhochschule . Köln

ksg architekten . Atelier Loidl

The clear framework of the campus streets, by being vehicle-free zones they appear like "promenades", creates a distinct orientation and facilitates the urbanity of contemporary city life.

All promenades lead to the central campus square, the heart of the campus. With it's lavish central meadow, the water-bound square invites visitors to play, lounge in the sun and have a talk during breaks. Wireless internet access on the whole areal enhances this outdoor space to an additional place of studying and learning, where loosely located maple trees provide shade. By means of different tree species and their individual location the other campus promenades each have varying characters and atmospheres. Through the usage of homogeneous coverings, the entire campus will be combined with the buildings to a strong entity.
Competition 2012, 1st Prize

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