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Wine Museum . Lavaux

Mauro Turin Architectes . + dezeen

On the shores of Lake Geneva, Lavaux is a unique place declared UNESCO World heritage site in 2007.

How to generate a large-scale cultural attraction non-existent today?
A wine museum that shows and tells the whole heritage richness of the wine-growing area since the Middle Ages seams relevant, but not sufficient to attract people from around the world.
A wine museum suspended on a rock, avoiding the sublime terraced vineyards, which becomes integrated to the landscape and offers a walk in the air allowing an unforgettable experience of Lavaux, Lake Geneva and the Alps could be the answer.
The Museum wants to be a small iconic object in a great iconic landscape; without being in competition but rather feeding each other.
The integration of the Museum is contextual and regional without falling into a banal mimesis or a fearful disappearance; it is in the order of the experienced observer, of the deep sensibility and of the advanced intellectual exercise. It is in the order of the nature of things.

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