Gaetan Le Penhuel Architectes

Groupe Scolaire Normandie-Niemen . Le Pecq

Gaetan Le Penhuel Architectes . photos: © Sergio Grazia . + baunetz

The area is characterized by an urban typology of periphery of the city center marked by the presence of vast estate of dwellings. The project is a real element of animation and redevelopment within the district.

Creating a shared square nearby the school complex, the multi purpose hall and the gymnasium leads to a transition space between the public road and the buildings, generating a meeting space for parents and residents.
These local facilities give impetus to the development of the district and, therefore, must assert itself as quality contemporary buildings.
The square from the Martin Luther King Avenue is structured to distribute all programs: multipurpose hall, gymnasium, kindergarten, elementary school, recreation center. The hill just extend to encompass the hall.
A planted patio separates the entrances to the two schools and visually connects the square to the slope of the neighboring parcels. It seemed important to maintain transparency to the extensive green space, strong elements of the site.
Each entity has its own clean operation, and is completely independent from the rest with its outdoor spaces and gardens. The varied views and atmospheres we offer for different programs contribute to strengthen the sense of evolution within the same site.
It is for us to create a project in harmony with the landscape quality of the site, while affirming the public aim of the building, which also must respond to a trouble-free operation.

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