Steve Larkin Architects

House at Bogwest . Wexford

Steve Larkin Architects . photos: © Alice Clancy . + archdaily

This project is a new house on the site of a ruined farmyard enclave with existing stonewalls which were in poor condition.

These walls were refurbished and extended to make a new walled garden and also to ground the house into a site that has a long history of inhabitation.
The new house is positioned carefully negotiating levels, threshold, privacy and orientation. Entry and the private accommodation is arranged at ground floor level to establish intimate relationships to the gardens and terraces. The open first floor, with terrace, is supported above the datum of garden walls and enjoys its elevated position with views of the wider landscape.
This response is developed in section. The roof is split in four parts, two of which rise to an oculus and modulate the major internal spaces. Zenithal light illuminates the first floor and ground floor levels with openings through stairs and voids. Openings in the facade control light throughout the day and allow balance of privacy.
Techniques of lining and poche hide the services and storage. Deep window frames support glazing at the outer section of the wall to make intimate spaces and allow unimpeded views over landscape and gardens. Opening lights are protected in the wall depth and establish depth of shadow externally. Furniture and lighting are made to relate to the internal spatial conditions.
This house also explores a contemporary response to a contextual tradition of object in the landscape evident in farmhouses and classic middle size houses in the area.

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