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Asked about the motivation behind his art, Chris Johanson responds that "life is about looking at and being a part of life.We need to be a part of each other. If we separate we are alone. That is a world of walking dead people. That is why I make art, to talk about how important it is to stay in the now and look at life." Johanson believes that life is a series of actions and projects. That is why he makes many things in many media: painting, sculpture, installation, film, video, music, writing, bands. He likes to collaborate with friends and strangers. Johanson explains that he likes to look at the little pictures in life as well as the big picture. A smile is just as important to him as a cosmic question about the nature of god.

Laying Down People In Vitrine . 2002

Untitled . 2002

Beautiful Losers


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