Transform . SLA . Social Action . Grontmij

Søndermarken . Vejle

Transform . SLA . Social Action . Grontmij . Søndermarken . Vejle

The area Søndermarken is located south of Vejle on a ridge between two stream valleys.

The area is about 3×1km (300ha) and is located about 3 km from Vejle center and 1 km from the E45. Søndermarken contains several programmatic suburban enclaves: commercial, single-family houses, a shopping center, social housing, etc. Half of the residents in the area live in public housing.
We have created a vision for Søndermarken – the suburb of the future – that is based on a strategy where we try to reconcile the local, the landscape, and the social qualities and characteristics with a regional strain.

The main concept consists of three strings that collect and organize the new initiatives:
• The commons
• The strip – Grønlandsvej
• New Programs – ideas for new venues, including a strengthening of the local city center.
The commons are new exciting landscape features that spatially and programmatically create new connections between the stream valleys and the related area. They can solve climate challenges by rainwater collection, increase the natural content, and attract birds and wildlife. Søndermarken will be linked together in new contexts by the six commons crossing the building structures and Grønlandsvej.
’The strip’ at Grønlandsvej is the new central urban space of Søndermarken. The road connects to Vejle C and E45. It consists of a 7×450 m wide asphalted area. The area runs from Løget Center to the Community House, and it will be used for various temporary activities. ‘The strip’ is created by reconstructing Grønlandsvej, so that only one of the current tracks is being used for car traffic, thereby the road may be restored if needed in future.
The new meeting points will strengthen both the local and the regional community. There is a proposal for expanding Løget Center and the business district at Diskovej to a future ‘network city’. There are new paths and thermal baths in Mølholm Valley. There is a regional ‘forest kindergarten’ and a ‘food outlet’ as some of the new innovative ideas.

team: Lars Bendrup (copyright), Rune Chr. Bach, Anne Sofie Buur Okkels, Vilhjálmur Leví Egilsson, Roland Lipusz, Linus Carlsson, Tine Kjøllmoen Moseng

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