Art . Architecture Workshop II

December 02 - December 07, 2013. Lisbon

+ Brito.Rodriguez

The international Art . Architecture Workshop II aims to promote the relationship and synergy of two artistic disciplines, through the collaboration established between the architectural studio Brito.Rodriguez and the Dutch artist, Cecilia Vissers. The workshop consists of: design studio, exhibition and lectures.
The aim of the Workshop is to explore the sensorial and emotional experience of moving through a landscape and the contemplative nature of art. The subject of the studio is to create a place of meditation and retreat - spaces of intimacy, reflection and silence for exhibiting Cecilia Vissers' sculpture.
The Art . Architecture Workshop II invites architectural students and young professionals to participate in a creative environment, where they will have the opportunity to create, share, develop and present their design process in proximity to Brito.Rodriguez. The workshop is focused on the design process and final presentation with particular emphasis placed on drawings and computer renderings. Participants will be encouraged to contribute to the discussion of each individual’s work during final presentations, encouraging a dynamic dialogue of the design proposals.
The dialogue between art and architecture emphasizes perceptual awareness, the human dimension of the elements of visual composition and intrinsic values of spatial and formal qualities in art and architecture.

Applications are open to architecture students and young professionals.
The workshop will take place at the atelier of Brito.Rodriguez, December 02 - December 07, 2013 from 9:00 AM - 6:00pm, with a lunch break from 1:00pm - 2:00pm. The official language is English.

Exhibition Inauguration: (open to the public)
Cecilia Vissers (artist) _ 'Westernmost' _ December 2 @ 6:30pm
Invited guest lecturers: (lectures @ 6:30pm)
Cecilia Vissers (artist) _ ‘Spiritual Abstraction’ _ December 3
Daniel Malhão (photographer) _ December 4
Paulo Henrique Durão (architect, Phyd Arquitectura) _ December 5
Architect since 2002. Professor of Architecture II by Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa (2002) and invited professor of Project IV and V (2006) in Escuela Tecnica Superior Arquitetura Madrid, in the unit of Campo Baeza.
Founded in 2007, PHYD Arquitectura work has been shown in conferences and expositions, being present in the Biennale di Venezia in 2012. Been awarded, with AR HOUSE 2010, and selected for ENOR 2009, recently the studio has been selected for the 2013 Directory of Wallpaper* magazine.
Ana Leal (editor, A.MAG) _ lecture December 6

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