Pezo von Ellrichshausen

Mine Pavilion . Denver

Pezo von Ellrichshausen . archilovers . photos: © Estudio Palma . +

Mine Pavilion has multiple overlapping identities. Its simple form combines several building types rendering it a billboard to drivers but a tunnel to pedestrians.

Mine Pavilion’s height evokes a tower while its intermediary site conjures a bridge, and its materials and structural detailing echo a mining building. Also the project is contextual; every typological reference once defined the site.
For example, in 1958, it was a mining settlement when gold prospectors flocked to Larimer, forming Denver City. Mine Pavilion also addresses how to connect the isolated Auraria campus to the city. Historically, it was considered that a better bridge between the campus and downtown might mitigate the problem. However, the architects’ approach is to create an urban zone in the grassy plain of the median. In the site’s rich tradition of discovering new value in the land, Mine Pavilion is 21st century prospecting.
Biennial of the Americas 2013

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